To,  (Name and Address of the Recipient.) 


______ Son of _____


Resident of ______________



Subject: Legal Notice in regard to the eviction of the rented area.


Having instructions from and on behalf of my client _____ son of _____R/o _____, I do hereby serve you with the following legal notice:

  1. That my client is the owner of _____
  2. That my client let out the shop, SCO No.________, measuring ______sq.metres to you in the month of _____, _____on a monthly rent of _____/- per month plus _____/- per month as maintenance charges. 
  3. You and my client entered into Rent Agreement on _____ for the period of _____ months. 
  4. That it was also settled between you and my client that in case you fail to pay the monthly rent consecutively for a period of two months to my client, then my client shall be entitled to get the rented premises vacated immediately and you would hand over the actual physical possession of the rented premises to my client.
  5. That you have paid the rent of the rented premises to my client up to the _____ and thereafter you have not made any payment till date. 
  6. That my client demanded the rent due to him _____/- per month for the months of _____ amounting to _____/.
  7. That as per the terms and conditions of the Rent Agreement, the said Rent Agreement was executed for the period of only _____ months i.e. upto _____ and the period of tenancy has already been completed, therefore, the Rent Agreement dated _____ has expired. Now my client is not interested in continuing with the tenancy and wants you to vacate the said premises.

I, therefore, through this legal notice call upon you to pay the due amount of rent _____/- along maintenance charges and interest and vacate the premises of my client immediately, within _____ days from the date of receipt of this legal notice.

In case you fail to do so, then my client has given me clear instructions to file legal proceedings against you in the competent court of law under the provisions of the Indian Contract Act and other applicable laws. In that event you shall be fully responsible for all costs, risks and responsibilities.

A copy of this legal notice is retained in my office for record and further necessary action.


 Ignore this notice at per your own peril and consequences.


Note: A copy of same legal notice is kept in my office for further legal proceedings.




Dated:                                                               ____________________________