The Manager

ABC Cooperative Society



Subject: Legal Notice for indemnity against deficiency in services


Under the authority and on behalf of my client Dr. XXXXXXXXXXXXX s/o Shri XXXXXXXXXXXXX r/o XXXXXXXXXXXXX, I hereby make you the noticee under the following terms and conditions:-

1.  That my client is a reputed veterinarian and has been a bona fide consumer of your investment scheme which you the noticee has named it as XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

2.  That it is substantive to submit that the investment scheme was of 60 months after which you the noticee has promised to pay the maturity amount of the sum paid by my client.

3. That it is a true fact, my client got his account opened in your scheme on 5th day of January, 2012 and the mode of installment was monthly.

4. That it is relevant to submit that the account number of my client XXXXXXXXXXXXX and the membership number of my client is XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

5. That it is a true fact that my client uses to pay a denomination of Rs. 2000 as an installation in your scheme timely as per your terms and conditions.

6. That after getting it confirmed from your regional and registered office my client came to know that the maturity value of his amount cumulates up to around 80,000 (Rupees Eighty Thousand Only).

7.   That you the noticee has not paid my client the maturity amount on time and neither have you showed any courtesy towards my client.

8. That my client had continuously visited on the dates you asked my client to visit your office but you always responded in a negative and harsh way.

9. That you the noticee had also tried to induce my client and had also tried to play fraud against my client which shows your unfair level of trade practice.

10. That in the instant case you the noticee has been a continuous defaulter by not paying my client his maturity amount and also by defaming my client. 


Therefore, in all the above facts and circumstances you the noticee are liable to make good of the losses that my client had suffered by compensating my client an amount of Rs. 80,000 (Eighty Thousand Rupees only) as per his maturity amount and in furtherance to this you the noticee are also required to pay a sum of Rs. 30,000 (Thirty Thousand Rupees only) for the harassment and deficiency in services made by you the noticee against my client due to which he has suffered deep agony and has suffered severe physical, financial and mental loss.

Further you are required to pay a sum of Rs. 11000 as per the legal expenses. The amounts mentioned shall be indemnified by you the noticee within a period of 15 days failing which my client has authorized me to take proper and adequate legal action against you.


Ignore this notice as per your own peril and consequences.


Note: A copy of same draft is kept in my office for further legal proceedings.



Dated:                                                                           Regards,