The spread of Covid-19 has been a challenge for every Country in the world. The Corona Warriors across globe are striving day and night to prevent the spread of this Pandemic. In  the same scenario Vriddhi Legal got an opportunity to talk with Dr. Jeetendra Sharma who is a practicing doctor in Russia and Adv. Desh Deepak Singh, who is a practicing lawyer in Lucknow Bench, Allahabad High Court. During the conversation both the panelists portrayed the ground reality of their respective nations.

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What is the present situation of spread of COVID-19 in Russia and what challenges are being faced by the Doctors as well as the Patients in Russia?

On being asked this question Dr. Jeetendra Sharma replied "The situation in Russia is getting worse every day and as such the number of COVID-19 patients have reached to around 2.6 Lakhs in Russia". Dr. Sharma also told that this is not a challenge for Russia only as COVID-19 is a Pandemic which are required to be considered on priority. Further, due to this Pandemic the patients suffering from other serious illness are also facing serious issues due to imbalance in doctor-patient ratio.

What are the challenges that India is facing in the present pandemic scenario and are there any special laws in this regard?

Adv. Desh Deepak Singh replied by affirming the words of Dr. Sharma "This is Pandemic and we were not prepared to fight against such disaster. We neither have any operative measure nor any treatment for this virus spread." Adv. Singh added "the government has imposed a Lockdown and in the present wide-spread of disease the citizens are suffering with infringement of their rights and even the doctors are also not getting propoer security and privilege."  Adv. Desh Deepak Singh also awared about the Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 passed by the Central Government in order to safeguard the corona-warriors and that includes protection of Doctors, Police Persons, Safaikaramcharis etc.

"The patients are losing their patience and the ratio of doctors and patients is very poor in India" : Adv. Desh Deepak Singh

What special measures are taken in Russia for safeguarding doctors and patients in this challenging situation?

"The European Governments and Nations have all the setups and are very well-equipped. The Russian patients are much more educated and does not loose patience as compared to that of Indian patients. Further, in Russia the patients themselves check there temperature thrice a day and notify the hospital's attendant or staff regarding that and in such a case the principle of social distancing is maintained even between the patients and the doctors, unlike that of India." Dr. Sharma. Dr. Sharma added "Mass screening is done to check two lakh cases per day in Russia and around ten thousand infected cases per day are registered, but in India the resources are scarce, the Europeans countries have the facilities to deal with it."

"The plasma therapy as is seen to be used by many countries and many hospitals in India are also using the plasma therapy to treat the virus but there are many jeopardies to it, thus WHO has not presently given its assent to this and many countries are adopting it only as a method to make a vaccine or cure to the virus." : Dr. Jeetendra Sharma


Dr. Jeetendra, what issues are being faced by your doctor friends in India to deal with this CORONA pandemic?

"My Indian friends has indeed faced many problems because of the arrangement as in India there is no facility to prevent the doctor patient contact but in Russia the doctors have a appropriate system where the doctors come and ask for the temperature details which the patient give himself and then the doctor according to his symptoms, they give him the medicines accordingly but in India it is problematic to make the patients comprehend therefore increasing supplementary contact between the doctors and the patients", Dr. Sharma

".... this pandemic will not rest soon as the carriers of this virus has Asymptomatic, Symptomatic, Mild & Severe symptom, which are stages in which the corona virus can be found. When there are symptoms of severe pneumonia then it can be stern. Some people have in themselves, a good immunity as was the case, A Zomato delivery person was found infected but all the places in which he had done the delivery, the people there were not infected as he was not an active carrier. An active carrier is someone who has symptoms of severe infection," added Dr. Sharma

What do you think would be the next step by the Government of India and what are the challenges that would be increasing and would be faced by the doctors as well as the government in the coming few days?

"...... the necessities for cleanliness and other precautions is also difficult and the government, has to think to prevent the measures of unemployment and this is also necessary to prevent the rise in offences, like a migrant labour who stole a bicycle and wrote a note  'he is sorry for stealing the bicycle but it was necessary for him', another problem is the social media’s forged news or the buzzes which should necessarily be stopped and both the Union Government and other State Governments should take necessary vigilant steps for preventing the spread of fake news." Adv. Desh Deepak Singh.