BJP leader Scindia on Monday attacked his former party, the Congress over the current political crisis in Rajasthan, prompted by an open revolt by ex-deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot. The Rajya Sabha member, whose revolt with 22-MLAs directed to the collapse of the Kamal Nath administration in Madhya Pradesh initially this year, said:


"It is a matter of pain that in Congress, questions are raised on capable leaders. My ex-colleague also faced a similar situation recently,"


"Pilot is my friend. Everybody is aware of the pain that he has gone through. How after so much delay the Congress is trying to set its house in order is also known to everyone," Scindia furthered.


Sachin Pilot, disappointed with a notice to join an inquiry linked to an alleged conspiracy to tumble the Ashok Gehlot government, had revolted along with other eighteen Congress MLAs last month. Subsequently, he had skipped some meetings of legislators, and he was kicked out from his posts of deputy chief minister & the state Congress chief.


The MLAs loyal to Mr. Pilot persisted camped in BJP-ruled Haryana for weeks, imperiling Mr. Gehlot's government. Mr. Gehlot had suspected that Mr. Pilot was in cahoots with the BJP in a conspiracy to topple the government by way of horse-trading. He had likewise called him "nikamma" or useless. A discovery was achieved earlier this month after the senior Congress leader met with Mr. Sachin Pilot in the national capital & mollified him with the promise to look into his demands. 


On Sunday, Sonia Gandhi (The President of Congress) recognized one of Mr. Sachin Pilot's primary demands of eliminating Avinash Pande, the general secretary in charge of the state. The party similarly formed a committee including the new in-charge Ajay Maken, Ahmed Patel & KC Venugopal to address Mr. Pilot's grievances.