Google held the new feature is intended at serving the millions of persons, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, or anybody otherwise out there who desires to be discovered. The element is termed People Cards can be created by searching for your name after signing into your Google account

Google, at the moment, broadcasted a new feature that permits people to add themselves to Search. While the feature is primarily meant for influencers, entrepreneurs & more, it's accessible to anyone. Using this, you can make a virtual visiting card for yourself, which will show up when someone searches for you on Google.

"The new feature is aimed at helping the millions of individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered and help the world find them," the company mentioned in a blog post. The feature, called People Cards, can be created by searching for your name after signing into your Google account.

You can likewise search for "add me to search," which will prompt the website to ask for your particulars. To make a people card, people will need to upload an image of themselves, add a bio, links to their social profiles, and further. Your phone number and email address are also essential for verification, but you can choose whether to make them publicly accessible. Google may ask for supplementary information for confirmation too.

In a mode, People Cards are a form of the Blue Tick for verified profiles on Twitter and Instagram. The variance, though, is that this has lesser oversight, meaning it shouldn't be taken as a certificate of authenticity by Google. In core, it makes it easier to search for yourself on Google.

"To make sure people find helpful and reliable information, Google has put together a variety of protections and controls to maintain the quality of information on people's cards," the post articulates. These safety measures include allowing only one people card per Google account and accumulating a unique phone number for each account. Users will be having the choice to opt-out of this feature at any time, which will take their cards off Search. There will also be a feedback button for others to inform Google about inappropriate or low-quality cards.

On the other side, this also lets Google access a lot of info about users in a digitized and planned manner. It may perhaps help the company build its AI algorithms as well, and advance its knowledge on users.