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 Civitates House for Alternative Disputes Resolution LLP is a law firm with its head office situated at Lucknow and that deals in redressing the disputes through alternative methods tha includes Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation. The firm is the only law firm in the State of Uttar Pradesh that provides venues and centers for Arbitration, Mediation, etc Apart from Uttar Pradesh CHADR has its centers in Gujarat, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh also. The firm is vigilant in training and promoting Indians about settling the disputes outside the court. It is the exclusive firm that provides easy and accessible chairs for settling disputes such as recovery of money, matrimonial, partition, family disputes,corporate, commercial and other compoundable disputes.Vriddhi Legal is an initiative by Civitates House for Alternative Disputes Resolution LLP that works in order to mentor, train and incubate members of Legal Fraternity. Vriddhi Legal believes in sharing knowledge and empowering each sector and individual of society.
About the Seminar
Introduction: Law is both static and dynamic and there is always a scope of innovation and development in it. Since independence, ‘We the People’ have been witnessing various developments and innovations in different spheres of legislation and its jurisprudential aspects. Introduction of various special laws and working on its administration has been an achievement for both the Legislature and the Judiciary; further the assistance of the executive agencies in its execution is also unmatched. The objective of the Seminar is to acquire an enhanced understanding on the issues relating to the development of the law and to bring into discussion the innovation of this field on one forum.
The abstract should not exceed 300 words and must be accompanied by a cover page, stating the following- Sub-Theme (write “others” in case the sub-theme is not the one mentioned in the brochure), Title of the Abstract, Name of the Author(s), Name of the Organization/Institute, Designation, e-mail address, postal address and contact number.
All the abstracts shall be sent to vriddhilegal.info@gmail.com the subject of the mail shall be ‘Abstract for Seminar’. The submission of the abstract can be in .pdf or .docx (word) format, having font size 12 in Times New Roman and the Heading shall be in font size 14 in Times New Roman.
Date of Submission:
All the abstracts shall be submitted before or on 20.06.2020 till midnight.Date of Selection: The declaration of the selected abstracts for the presentation shall be done before or on 24.06.2020 till midnight. After selection of the Abstract the participant shall submit a full paper of not more than 3000 words on vriddhilegal.info@gmail.com before 26.06.2020.
Publication:The selected abstracts and papers after necessary editing shall be published in a book that bears ISBN and the same shall be given to the participants on the  day of the seminar for free. Date: 27th June, 2020.
Venue: Online Zoom Meeting
Participants:PG and UG Students, Teachers, Research Scholars, Professionals or anyone from the law fraternity can apply.
Registration Fee:
Teachers/ Professionals: 200/- INR
Students: 150/-INR (In case of a co-author the fee of 200/- shall be payable instead of 150/-)
Theme and Sub-Themes
Theme: “Law, Development and Innovation”
Sub- Themes:
1. Atrocities against women and its solutions
i. Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace
ii. Matrimonial Harassment or Atrocities
iii. Dowry Prohibition in respect with Social Jurisprudence
iv. Sexual offences against woman leading to deterrent punishments
v. Interim maintenance to a woman during pendency of disputes
vi. Violence against Immigrant and Refugee Women
2. Mitigation of Climate Change
i. Role of Judiciary in safeguarding environment
ii. Sustainable growth and competitiveness through innovation
iii. Carbon Credit
iv. Minimum Sustainable Goals still to be achieved. What measures arerequired to be taken?
v. Development at the cost of Environment
vi. Pollution pay principle: Is it a license to the capitalists to destroy the environment?
3. Electoral Reforms
i. Right to Reject
ii. Right to Recall
iii. Financial and Political Accountability of Manifesto of Representatives
iv. Essence of Preamble to the Constitution of India in contesting elections
v. Can minimum academic eligibility be set in Indian democratic system for contesting elections?
vi. Biasness in election system that leads to biased branding of political parties
4. Miscellaneous Issues
i. Uniform Civil Code, Personal Laws and the Indian Constitution
ii. Food Security Policy & Practices
iii. Tax Laws in India
iv. Contribution of Science and Technology in Legal Era
v. Solutions to pendency of cases in Indian Courts
vi. Opportunity for Transgender Community in Legal Fraternity
vii. Need for practical education and training in Legal Academics
viii. Citizenship Amendment Act: Criteria of Persecution to minorities
ix. Right to Education: A myth or reality?
x. Alternative Disputes Resolution Mechanism.
Registration Method and Organizing Committee
How to register yourself?
The participants are required to send their abstracts in the above-mentioned format and to the above-mentioned e-mail ID. The participants are also required to attach the transaction details as a proof of fee submission on the google form for which the link is provided.
All the abstracts shall get the e-certificate of participation and the selected abstracts shall get e-certificate of appreciation along with e-certificate of participation for presenting the paper.
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