“If liberty means anything at all,

It means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”


                                                                    -George Orwell


“Democracy is government of, by and for the people” it is  a power in reforming government and its subjects one of the  standing pillar of democracy  which consists of “Freedom of Speech and Expression” the ability to speak is a boon to a person and the ones who can’t, feel the real pain of incompleteness this was well understood by the drafting committee of The Constitution of India therefore there is incorporation of Freedom of Speech and Expression as our basic Fundamental Rights from ancient Greeks pioneered free speech as a democratic principle where ‘parrhesia’ stating ‘free speech’ or  ‘to speak candidly’  the legal right to express one’s opinions freely to reinforce all human rights allowing society to develop and progress freely expressing our ideas, expressions, opinions and speaking freely is essential to carry out a positive change in the society this power by state not only gives freedom to words but also enhances the ability  to hear it includes the right and moral imperative to stand against the odds challenge, oppose and safeguard bigoted views as per norms of a civil society man is blindfolded by words of others and his own words go in vain as enshrined under Article 19 there are rights of Freedom of Speech and Expression: ones right to express convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode but every right is restricted by Constitution in larger interest of the community. Where there are rights there are restrictions, in country like India where Freedom of speech is granted as a right but with barriers is same as a warrior fighting a war with a blunt sword.


In the era of evolution a person is physically less connected but always available on virtual world we are part of a world where emotions are subjected on social media rather than with a person beside, where expressions are being projected via internet; one click and a person can telecast his ideas, views, speech and expressions Freedom of speech and expressions has formed a new definition as when man was introduced with internet man used it as a stick to walk the path on road of presentation of his ideas as free access around the world makes it easy to reach every ear around the globe where freedom of expressing words enhanced expressing via pictures, videos and texts which can facilitate or incite action much more effectively than traditional media through this intensification of the problems that come with free speech. Law is flustered and in flux over the internet which offers extraordinary opportunities for ‘speakers’ but when the intention becomes corrupt, blessings are taken away likewise the government has been particular about use of internet and the hype in modern era gave a blanket ban on use of internet for several days in various regions where Apex court observed Freedom of speech and expression through the medium of internet is a fundamental right under Article 19(1) (a) of the Constitution the restrictions on internet have to follow the principle should not be disproportionate to the offence committed or the nature and extent of the state’s interference with the exercise of a right a must be proportionate to the goal it seeks to achieve also Freedom of trade and commerce through internet is also a constitutionally protected right under article 19(1) (g) which also includes suspension of internet for indefinite period not permissible, it can only be for a reasonable duration. Internet is not a one way road but a pathway which connects to Press as other connecting road to the main goal of Freedom of speech and expression press has always acted as important element for smooth functioning of democracy as it is important the subjects to be totally aware of happenings around every nook and corner one must have the right to question the government and to criticize their conduct against any social norm it will keep administration on their toes to give their best outcome as press is the mirror for a democratic nation as freedom is eternal vigilance with responsibility of checking and balancing the administration and the government whenever there is a social evil lurking or corruption and oppression happens press is the one who takes the flag high to oppose their voices loud enough under the ambit of Freedom of speech and expression as if there will be no liberty with press public will stay in dark and unknown by the reality. As it is known with power comes great responsibilitys hereby press has been charged with duty on their shoulders to follow the protocol in other words media without restraints can be hazardous as press is losing its real essence and walking in a wrong path leading to unsuccessful functioning and its vested interest of media personnel and its commercialization. Speech that expresses or incites hatred towards people on basis of their identity is what to be put into words as Hate Speech like rusting of iron human is his own destroyer, per se when offered with Freedom of speech and expression by the Constitution, it was molded by humans to curse the boon and use it as hate speech for molesting the good into bad, use of this right with restrictions are neglected and hate speech covered the main adaptation of freedom and turned it into negative perspective it is essential to understand when a person is crossing the line as then it will be understood by him that there will be a downfall in use of hate speech , knowledge of rights with restrictions is need of dynamic nation there is no cure for hate speech to remove it from the roots but there is a way to stand up against it by understanding the true meaning of Freedom of speech and expression.


In democracies, it follows that citizens must guard against violation of their rights; Freedom of speech and expression is regarded as integral and universal concept in modern liberal democracies.