Coronavirus disease of 2019 or ‘Covid-19’ has led to an alarming situation in the world. The Indian Government has been motivated by 'prevention is better than cure’ and left no stone unturned in taking important measures. In the absence of any available vaccine for Covid-19, the government has ordered to sanitize the workplaces; to wear masks while coming outside the home compulsory and staying at home as much as possible. State has obligation to work for the benefit of every section of the society. If any person is affected by the Covid-19 and refuses to observe isolation shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of six months extending up to three years.

Unlikely the Chinese products, which are mostly unreliable, the Covid-19, which it produced is un-ending and its repercussions have produced more dead bodies than the available graves sites. The quarantine period which the government has imposed is for the betterment and protecting people from this deadly pandemic.  It can be construed as “force majeure, that is “Act of God” could be applicable here, though this virus has been result of human interference, still, in other countries, it could be taken as an “Act of God “as it is spreading in nature or the environment, which may not be fully but partially be called the Act of God. Another view or perception of looking corona could be causing curfew in the country as was in March, this year. The passing of the order of quarantine is a rule set by the Legislature, such order shall be followed by every citizen of the country. If any person is coming from abroad or doing interstate travel then (s)he should observe quarantine for two weeks as mandated by government.

International Law also has regulations for Covid-19, which also takes the International Health Regulations (IHR) which is the main instrument of WHO in curbing the global spread of disease. There have been many unprecedented instances of global cooperation, where the medical equipment’s have been given to underprivileged countries by other developed nations. Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has chaired detailed discussions and meetings for curbing this global pandemic “COVID–19”. Corona is spreading like a fire in the forest and, therefore in every situation of emergency the state or the central government should take temporary or permanent measures to curb the pandemic.